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A Natural Touch

Even the most sensitive skin deserves some goodies from Smellies. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best quality products that are beneficial but kind to your skin. Throughout the development journey we have been on, we have found that people have VERY sensitive skin and have issues with some of the fragrance oils or even the glitters. We want to make sure we can provide customers with skin troubles with our natural skin and body care range, which is why we have created the Natural Touch collection!

This collection is fragrance free and completely pure, meaning even the most sensitive skin types have something to try from us. When we have been doing our research, we have found that fragrance oils could potentially cause reactions, so we wanted to make something to fill this void as everyone deserves great looking, healthy skin! 

We have a face and eye serum, a body moisturiser and a cleansing soap bar that’s perfect for head to toe care. All of these contain some of the great ingredients that we have used in other products, to give the same moisturising and protecting properties, but are a lot kinder to sensitive skin types. The owner of Smellies, Shellie, has very sensitive skin so has been chief tester with these and has had brilliant results. 

Creating products like these are all part of our journey to providing the best products we can for our customers. We take extra care in researching what people are looking for, and we’ve found that our new Natural Touch collection ticks a lot of boxes that people were looking for. So if you have sensitive skin, start your skin care journey with us today and try it out!

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