Can you smell that?

Have you ever walked into a shop or someone’s home and either loved the smell of something, or think it smells weird? Have you ever had an argument over whether you love the smell of petrol stations or hate it? There’s a reason for why people smell things differently, and it’s all to do with your DNA!

Here at The Artisan Mill we have a wide range of scents from sweet to perfume, fruity to clean. We all have our favourite scents and these vary from person to person. I personally love fresh and clean scents, while scents such as bubblegum and rhubarb and custard are too sweet for me. While these don’t particularly tantalize my senses, they do for other people. 

It’s not as simple as liking the smell of something or not, it’s all to do with how our DNA is coded. There are around 400 genes that are directly responsible for supplying the code for the receptors in our nose. It might not sound a lot, but in fact there are 900,000 different combinations for these smell genes. With so many different combinations available, chances are you will find different scents stronger, weaker, more or less pleasant compared to your friends. 

We sometimes get messages saying that a particular wax melt or scent isn’t very nice/strong, but this isn’t to do with the quality of our products, it’s all to do with the science of your nose! So if you ever come across something you are not happy with, the best advice we can give is to try something completely different so that you can find your perfect match. 

If you are unsure of what to try then speak to a rep and they can try to match you with an ideal scent for your very scientific nose!

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