Your Basket

Happy Birthday Peter!

Today marks the special day that all of us at Smellies celebrate the 14th birthday of our superstar, Peter! He is the main reason that Smellies exists today, and has been the inspiration behind every bath bomb made, sale, facebook post, late night, early start and milestone we have hit as a small family business. Peter has an extensive range of health issues, including very sensitive skin accompanied with lots of allergies which means in the past he had to miss out on the simple joys such as a bath bomb in his bath. This gave Shellie the inspiration to make her own creations with ingredients that were safe for Peter to use, and thus Smellies was born! Nothing makes Peter happier than being able to enjoy a fun bath time!

When Peter isn’t busy testing out his mum’s latest creations, he’s usually occupied with watching Mr Tumble, dancing, making his own videos or causing ultimate destruction on GTA. Peter always lives life to the fullest with a cheeky smile on his face and never lets anything stand in his way!

In order to celebrate Peter’s 14th birthday, we are offering 14% off orders over £20! It would be rude to not share the celebrations with all of our lovely customers, so get involved and help us make Peter’s Birthday the best one yet!

All of us at Smellies wish Peter the best birthday, and hope he gets lots of wonderful gifts and has lots of fun!

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