Kind to skin, kind to planet

Kind to planet Recycleable

At The Artisan Mill we are really passionate about saving our planet and creating a sustainable business. We wanted to have a positive impact on the planet and help to save it where we can. If you need a reason to shop with us here’s just some of them!

These powered by plants goodies are kinder to the planet with the same impact on natural beauty. We have a wide range of skin care along with home fragrance and beauty products. 


Organic ingredients
We have a lot of organic skincare and beauty ingredients. These avoid any growing processes using pesticides, synthetic colours and GM ingredients (genetically modified). All ingredients are natural, raw & kind.

Recyclable packaging
With having so many products to choose from we wanted to ensure that all of our packaging was recyclable. We didn’t want to contribute to the 14m tonnes of general waste that is sent to landfill each year, so we were dedicated to finding recyclable packaging to help care for our planet. Just give your empty packets and tins a quick rinse and pop them straight into the recycling. You can also reuse our tins for keeping hold of little bits and bobs like bobby pins!

Biodegradable Packaging

Alot of our products now come in fully compostable/biodegradable packaging. Some ingredients don't lend themselves to this type of packaging BUT everything that does is in it!

Recyclable postage
Even down to our parcel tape is recyclable. All orders are packaged into a cardboard box and packed with paper to ensure a safe delivery. This helps further to prevent contributing towards landfills and unnecessary waste. So as you can see we are doing everything in our power to help preserve our wonderful planet. Nothing makes us prouder than making beautiful products that are kind to our skin and home world.

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