Make time for you!

As a busy mum to four boys and parent carer to one I know how difficult it can be to make time for yourself.

Constantly juggling appointments, school runs, homework, housework and a job it’s easy to forget the one person that truly needs some!

I learnt the hard way, exhausted myself. The realisation came that I needed to focus, even just 5 minutes a day, on just me. So I did. 

I set a goal of not just quickly washing my face in the morning but making sure I moisturised too. Popped a face mask on then got in the shower for that ‘quick’ wash. Rinsed it off at the end. Face dried whilst I’m drying, then serum on my face and neck. Teeth brush while that’s soaking in them moisturise and WOW I started to really feel I was truly caring for myself without sacrificing any time the children needed!

Then came the big task! Once a week a fantastic soak in the bath completely undisturbed! Bubbly salt soak, fully relaxed and truly revitalised for the next week ahead! Why is it a task? Because you need to throw out the guilt to take that time for you! Honestly the effort to do it is truly worth it! 

I now understand and wholeheartedly believe that until you properly care for you you can’t give everything to others that need it so make YOU a priority 

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