Summer Skin

The summer is finally here! That means more time outdoors making memories and enjoying the sunny weather (when we have it!) But this also means more time exposed to harsh, hot weather, direct sunlight and potential pollutants. We have a range of products to help keep your skin in tip-top shape so here’s our list of ways to keep your skin happy and healthy this summer.


Being in the hot and dry weather can dry your skin out, so make sure you regularly rehydrate by moisturising to prevent your skin looking dull. You don’t need to go too heavy though as you risk damaging your skin. You wouldn’t wear a coat in the middle of summer, so don’t let the same thing happen to your skin.

Recommended product: Natural Touch Luxury Body Moisturiser


Warmer weather unfortunately means more sweat. Ensure your pores are deeply cleansed once or twice a week to prevent oil and pollution build up. Again, ensure you don’t do this too often as you risk drying your skin out.

Recommended product: Himalayan salt scrub or Luxury body polish

Treat sunburn

We’ve all been there when we’ve been deceived by how strong the sun’s rays are during a British summer. Sunburn is the worst part of glorious sunshine, so make sure you take care of your skin if it does go a slight shade of lobster. At the end of the day your skin is damaged and it needs help to get better to reduce the risk of peeling.  

Recommended product: Aloe foot gel (believe me, it works!)

Drink plenty of water

Not only is your water intake important for a healthy body, but also for healthy skin! Drinking  water has been said to help improve problems with breakouts making complexions smoother and "glowy".

Keep makeup light

Summer is the perfect excuse to lighten the load of your face make up in order to allow your skin to breathe. Your pores will thank you in the long term as they will be having a tough time with the increased amount of sweat and dirt from being outdoors more. Try using a good quality moisturiser as a day to day foundation to keep skin protected and happy.

Recommended product: Balance, Brighten or Rejuvenate & repair moisturisers

Use suncream!

No matter how sunny or hot it is, always apply some form of SPF, whether it’s a 50+ for kids or a day cream with an SPF. Your skin must be protected from the sun’s harsh rays to avoid premature aging or long lasting damage.

Explore our products and make time for your skin!

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