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The importance of hair and skin care

Here at Smellies we have expanded our reach in to the world of skin and hair care with some gorgeous essential oil products that are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your hair and skin.

A lot of us take pride in our appearance, and our skin and hair health are important to keep on top of. Your skin is one of the first things to age on your body, particularly the face, so it’s essential to take good care of it to get the best results. We have developed a range of products to keep your hair and skin looking radiant, healthy & youthful.

Our organic face & body moisturisers are available in 3 essential oil variations to help cater for different problem areas. While they have their individual benefits, using a face moisturiser every day as part of your daily skin care routine helps to fight against daily damage, lock hydration into the skin, and to promote a flawless complexion. This results in better makeup coverage, reduces outbreaks and gets you all those compliments from your friends about how good your skin is looking! Applying a moisturiser takes seconds and is incredibly easy to use!

Our moisturisers are available in 3 different scents and have some fabulous perks to give you the best results. Grapefruit is an antimicrobial which helps to fight acne, and it deep cleans into pores to unblock them and reduce the risk of breakouts. Lavender and Patchouli helps to reduce redness and blotchy patches, tightens up skin and even helps to soothe eczema and dry skin. Last but not least, sweet orange helps to promote a healthy, radiant complexion by reducing the signs of acne scarring, breakouts and large pores.

Pairing our moisturisers with our face masks helps to deep clean the skin even more, which will help to maintain that glowy complexion our moisturisers create with regular use. The face masks come in the same scents as the moisturisers and help to boost those fabulous benefits the essential oils give. You could always mix and match with different scented products to help focus on several problem areas should you suffer from them. 

The great thing about our skin care range is that it literally takes seconds to use, and can help keep your skin looking healthier and more youthful for longer. We offer some great gift sets for these so why not take advantage of them?

As well as having great looking skin, one other asset people notice is our hair. How many times have you had compliments about how nice your hair is looking when you’ve been to have it done? Well, now you can get that incredible salon quality right at home!

Our shampoos double as body washes, meaning you get 2 products in one. Pair this up with our conditioners and you’ll have amazing looking hair and skin in no time! We offer 3 different scents in the hair products which have different benefits. Grapefruit helps to fight dandruff and to deep clean oily hair, while lavender and patchouli and the peppermint scents helps to soothe itchy scalps and is believed to help aid hair growth and prevent hair loss. Our sweet orange shampoo & conditioner soothes itchy scalps, moisturises dry strands and helps to promote healthy hair growth by injecting vital vitamins in to the follicles to help make it stronger and less prone to breaking. 

All of these products can easily become a part of anyone’s daily skin care routine, and can even be used in the shower for ease. Having great looking hair and skin shouldn’t be time consuming or expensive, which is why using our products here at Smellies will give you great results without breaking the bank.

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