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Trick or Treat

With Halloween quickly approaching, we have some spooky treats lurking in the shadows wanting to come out and terrorise your households. We have been hiding deep in the dungeons working on our most ghoulish creations to date. While you may think they will give you a fright, we think they are much more of a treat. For Halloween we have 5 new bath bombs, a new bath sprinkles and some Halloween themed sweets. The bath products would be perfect for the little ones to use after their Trick or Treat outings, or just keep them for yourself (they’re that good). Here’s the full line up:


Jay Sin - £3.50

Don’t be fooled by his glittery eyes, he’s full of a surprise that will hypnotise anyone who looks at it. In JP Gee M scent, this small but mighty bomb will fill your bathroom with a masculine perfume scent. Dare you bathe in the dark?


Devil Within - £4.95

Looks like pure hell, smells like heaven. This bold devil takes over your bath water and turns it into what looks like the inside of a witches’ cauldron. This bomb comes in raspberry crush scent, so grab him before he returns to the deepest pits of the earth. If you’re fortunate enough to miss out on meeting this evil creature, you could always try our Spaced! bath dust that’s a bit less terrifying but smells the same.


Spooky Twist - £4.25

The not so pleasant cousin of the much loved friendly ghost, our spooky twist is a surprise in itself. His pale exterior may look harmless, but the secret colour centre makes him a unique creation. The white dove scent is light and fresh which is ideal if you don’t like overly strong smells.


Spectre - £5.50

Here to stay to haunt your bathrooms forever is our Spectre bath bomb. His grey exterior hides a surprising inside. Is it a trick? Is it a treat? Nobody knows. The Lime, Basil & Orange scent may help you to find out his intentions…


Xenos - £5.50

His name is Greek for “Stranger”, and he comes from another planet to take over your household. The only way to defeat this creature is to throw him into a bath of warm water. Watch his insides spew out as he gives off a smoky oak scent. His hand painted features slowly fade away into the abyss of your bath.


Winnie the Witch’s Foaming Bath Dust - £4.25

Now at Smellies HQ, we like Winnie. So much so she’s becoming a permanent part of the Smellies family. She has conjured up an orange and purple bath dust in a wickedly zingy lemon sherbet scent. She’s even packaged it up in our recyclable sprinkle shakers!


We simply can’t just pick which of the Halloween products we like best, but we guarantee you’ll find your favourite. To pamper yourselves even more, why not grab a bag of our Halloween Sour Mix sweets for just £1.80? Kids love them, both little and big! Enjoy while you indulge in a bit of me time by sticking on a Halloween movie, or even take them in the bath to enjoy one of our bath bombs even more!

You need to be quick, our Halloween bombs will only be able to be ordered until 1pm on October 18th, before our creatures are banished to the deepest, darkest corners of the earth. Until next year anyway…. Muahahaha!

Don’t be too blue about these products leaving us, as we have more exciting additions to tell you about! We’ve recently released a luxury range including Shampoos and Body Washes, Conditioners, Lip balms, Face masks, Moisturisers, plus more. To keep up to date with these products, keep your eyes peeled for our next post!

Until then, happy scaring fellow Smellies!

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