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Unique Miracle Birthday

Shellie's unique chromosome miracle son (Peter) turns 13 today!

He was Shellie's main inspiration and reason for starting Smellies. Shellies little Peter Pan had a difficult journey in the early years of his life. Peter has a double chromosome disorder which is completely unique. He was constantly going to hospital for a variety of medical conditions the most prominent one being his airway issues. It has got better over the years but it can still cause him issues during the night to the extent that his airways shuts down while he sleeps.  

Even with all of that Peter is still a kid and wants to do everything any kid wants to do. PLAY!!! He's favourites include dressing up as a policeman and arresting people especially when I'm over and dressing up as captain america to take out some villains. Although Peter's mental age will never realistically get past 4 he certainly does live his life to the fullest. And secretly we all wish we were that young and innocent again.


This however isn't just a story about one boy but his mother also, not only did Peter have to go through all of that but Shellie had to endure it all as well. There has only been 6 recorded cases of one of Peters chromosome disorders and sadly none of them made it to Peter's age. This I believe is down to a mother's love for her son and her dedication to do whatever was necessary, which is still true to this day. 

Over the coming weeks Smellies will be releasing a special bath bomb in honour of Peter. Which with every unit sold 10% of the profit will be donated to Unique the amazing charity that support families like Shellies. 

Unique has helped many like Peter and so many would feel isolated without their incredible support and information, so we would like to give a little something back to help this amazing organisation. We urge you to check out there website so you can read more about them and what they do. 

Everyone here at Smellies wishes Peter a happy birthday and hopes he has a wonderful day!

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