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We Love Our Planet Too!

Here at Smellies we feel very passionately that natural is the way!

Our products contain as many natural ingredients as they can! 100% soy wax, no additives to our bath or body products, we use SLSA that creates a stunning foam without harming your skin.

Along with helping you enhance your natural beauty we LOVE our environment! Why should the environment suffer due to business!

Our product packaging is either compostable or re-usable/recyclable.

Any plastic we do use (due to protecting our delicate products) is made from a minimum of 77% recycled material and is fully recyclable! This includes our shrinkwrap and clam shells!

Our candles glasses can be washed out thoroughly with hot soapy water and used as a glass, or decorated to create wonderful ornaments, tea light holders………

Their boxes can be recycled OR again decorated to store all those loose craft supplies, office accessories and so much more!

Our aluminium tins and bottles can again be washed out and re-used to store nick-nacks, cotton pads for cleansing. Or they are fully recyclable.

Our postal packaging is fully recyclable. Either pop it in your recycling bin or re-use.

We are currently trying to source a fully recyclable packaging tape that actually sticks! This WILL be arranged very soon.


Products that love your skin💕

Packaging that loves the environment💕

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