Your Basket

We’re all grown up

As you may have noticed, Smellies has had a makeover! When we opened back in January of 2019, we had a mission to provide kind to skin products for people with even the most complicated skin conditions just like our Peter. Fast forward to today and we have learnt that there is a big need for high quality products with ingredients that actually benefit us. Making brightly coloured bath bombs makes bath time more fun for so many people, but we wanted them to be good for the skin too. 

With us being more deeply involved with skin and hair care, we felt it was time for Smellies to have a fresh look that reflects the high quality, natural & indulgent products we now provide. Self love, the planet & confidence are some of the key points that drive us to provide the products we have today. Having healthy skin should be easy and accessible. Shiny, smooth locks shouldn’t break the bank. Children should have fun during bath time. All of these aspects makes Smellies a great one-stop-shop for all of your natural beauty and home fragrance needs. 

While we have spent this time evolving into this new brand, our consultants have grown with us, our customers are getting better skin results, our children are enjoying bath times, and our love for everything we create has grown greater knowing they are benefiting so many people. There is nothing better than a good pamper session at the end of a hard day, and your hard work can definitely be rewarded using all of our products. 

Essential oils, butters and skin softening ingredients are now the foundation of our vision, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us, your skin, your hair and your home 💕

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