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Using essential oils our Natural range of bath bombs offer a unique grown up experience, which need to be tried to be believed.

Handmade by Smellies.  Cruelty free.  Recyclable packaging.

Have you got a particular scent you like, and want to not only find a bath bomb with that smell but the other products we do with that smell?  Lets say you like bubble gum. Easy, in the search bar type "bubble gum", then select "bubble gum" in the list of words underneath.  We will then show you all products with a bubble gum smell.

As with all handmade items no two will be exactly the same, for a number of reasons - humidity in the air, speed of mixing, amount of scent - the list goes on.  Even the shade of colour can change between batches.  Sometimes the surface will seem ultra smooth, sometimes slightly rough, sometimes there may be slight cracks in the products - this is normal and is for all the reasons we have mentioned.  None of this affects the quality of the product, it will work the same no matter what, and is still brilliant which is why people buy our Bombs time and time again.

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