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Beautiful Bath Whips body, hair and face!

We have some lovely products for you here, that not only look great, but are fantastic for your skin, and actually work.  Whether you want the luxury of our bath whips, or the gentle cleaning of sugar, or the proven benefits of salt with skin cleaning, we have got you covered.

  • DO NOT scrub hard - its pointless.  Our ingredients will do the hard work for you.   
  • Apply soap, then leave it for 20-30 seconds, let the salt or sugar do the work.  During this time, look at yourself in the mirror, whistle, do a handstand, learn to play the piano, do Kung Fu, or 50 press ups ... either way let the ingredients we have carefully prepared do the hard work.
  • Once you have patiently waited, rub gently in circular motions ( and I mean gently!) for about 20 seconds, taking particular car around the eye area - that's enough.  As a guide, pretend you are wearing sunglasses, and only apply soap around the sunglasses area. Did I mention you need to be gentle?
  • Rinse off with warm water, never NEVER hot!  Hot water will not make you cleaner, its the special type of soap, or salt and sugar and other ingredients that cleanse your skin - temperature will not have any effect.  Empty sink, time for a super rinse!
  • Fill the sink with water slightly colder than you used to rinse off the soap. DO NOT apply cold water to "close pores" - if you have read that it is complete nonsense.  Your skin is a living thing, treat it kindly, washing with hot then rinsing with cold is shocking your skin - don't do it!  Just use water slightly colder than you washed it with- that's enough.  
  • If your skin does not feel "tight" after washing your skin is producing enough oils, if it does apply a SMALL amount of moisturiser.  Apply slightly more moisturiser if using any of our salt based products.

This are products that our customers just keep buying, and if it did not work they wouldn't keep returning.


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