About Us

Who are we?

The Artisan Mill, based in Flore, Northamptonshire was founded and is run by Shellie Jones.

We are a family run and oriented business. With 3 out of our 4 sons are SEN and being full time Carers, we wanted to start a business that:

  • Could give ourselves and others the opportunity to earn extra income despite the challenges that having SEN children brings - certainly in terms of being able to work.  Hospital appointments, constant challenges with school and a faint memory of having a good sleep - ring a bell anyone?
  • Make products where we knew what went into each and every one of them.
  • All ingredients ethically sourced and as much as possible recyclable.
  • To promote crafting, and making something by Hand.  We don't have machines churning out our products - it is all handmade by us - and yes it really is by us.

We started as Smellies Ltd and made a large range of products, for skin and hair care and also home fragrance solutions due to our SEN son Peter wanting to enjoy colour in the bath but having such sensitive skin.

We really wanted to share more if our crafts Shellie learnt from her Mother and Grandmother whilst growing up. Smellies as a name was just too limiting for this so in December 2020 we renamed ourselves The Artisan Mill.  This more accurately reflects the handmade nature of our products which can be anything ranging from a Wax Melt to wonderful home produced prints - the sky will now be the limit!

An artisan is "someone who does skilled work with their hands" which sums us up brilliantly.

As the Artisan Mill uses a rep system we are able to give those unable to work elsewhere the opportunity to earn for themselves and gain some financial independence in a supportive team. It also works for people currently employed looking for additional income.  We are always open to welcoming more people into our quirky, loving family from all over the UK. 

We currently hold over 40 cosmetic assessments! We are fully insured ensuring we are compliant with current British regulations and are so proud to have been accepted for membership to the Guild of Soap and Toiletries. 

No ingredients tested on animals.  All product packaging recyclable.

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