Coconut & Shea Wax Melt


  • A soft and fresh scent that’s light and relaxing. A beautiful luxurious wax melt that will make your living room feel like a spa.

    Fragrance Pyramid: 

    Initial Scent with most impact: Creamy coconut
    Truest Nature of Fragrance:  
    Jasmine, Lily, Heliotrope, Hawthorn and Violet
    Supporting Base, and lasting scent: 
    Tonka, Amber, Sandal, Cedar and Caramel

    Made with 100% soy wax and only the finest fragrance oils.

    Just pop as much or as little as you require in the well of your burner. Warm the burner to release the fragrance. Once fragrance diminishes gently remove wax and replace.

    Handmade by The Artisan Mill.

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