Consultants Wax kit
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Consultants Wax kit

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When joining any new company, product knowledge is key, and what better way to get to know the products than to try them, touch them and smell them.

With us all being able to get together again, what better way to show off these amazing products by hosting a party with friends and family?  Allowing people to see, touch and try is more likely to make you a sale once they experience the amazing quality of the products here.  What do you have to loose - a chance to meet up with the people you know, demonstrate your passion for what we sell, oh, and boost your sales!

Once you receive the kit it is important you smell everything yourself, and believe in what you are selling.  A sale is so much easier if you truly believe what you are selling is fabulous and you are passionate about it.  Plus if you have used these products you will probably look fabulous too so potential customers will see results before their eyes!

As a new consultant we wanted you to experience each scent of wax melt, which is why we are introducing this new kit available for just £13!

This is only available to registered consultants.


2 hearts of each of the 15 wax melt scents


One kit per consultant.

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