Dog Oatmeal Shampoo Bar


  • A dog's skin is far more absorbent that a humans so it is vital that we use natural and safe ingredients to protect our fur babies.

    This bar can help soothe even sensitive skin leaving  behind beautiful, moisturised skin and fur.

    Shampoo bars are much longer lasting and less wasteful that liquid shampoos

    • Chemical Free
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Mild and gentle
    • Soothe itchy skin
    • May help with flea and tick repellent
    • Nourishing and soothing
    • Handmade in the UK

    To Use: Simply rub the bar along your dogs wet coat to make a rich, creamy lather. Massage the shampoo deep into your dogs fur and rinse thoroughly. Dry your dog with a clean towel.

    Coconut Oil can help protect pads from getting sore and irritated. It not only moisturises the skin but can act as a protective barrier between your dogs paws and any irritants

    Shea butter has significant levels of vitamins A and C, meaning it promotes strong antioxidant activity. a safe and natural solution for itchy, dry irritations.

    Oatmeal great at relieving skin irritations and itching.

    Goats Milk naturally moisturises whilst improving the condition of the skin.

    Lemongrass Essential Oil helps to repel fleas and ticks along with improving skin

    Lavender Essential Oil Can soothe itchy or irritated skin. Can aid in calming.

    Chamomile Essential Oil Can ease stress and aid in calming

    Jojoba Oil Can soothe dry skin. Great to condition the skin and fur.

    Suitable for use on dogs over 4 months of age

    Handmade by The Artisan Mill Ltd

    30g per bar

    one supplied.

    Handmade by The Artisan Mill.

    dependant On dog size last approximately 6-15 washes

    This product is not intended to treat skin conditions. Its purpose is to help soothe and moisturise minor skin irritations and protect from external harsh elements. For open sores or persistent skin conditions please seek veterinary advice.

    ONLY SUITABLE FOR DOGS, no other animals or humans

    Please note - we are unable to offer a refund for this item once it has been purchased due to hygiene reasons.

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