Fairy Hair, Body & Bubbles


  • Sparkles our prima-dona Fairy believes everyone should be as clean and sparkly as her!  Sparkles spent time designing this special hair and body wash for children, and believes this will make them clean no matter how messy they are.

    This shampoo will produce lots of bubbles, and yes Sparkles the bubbles are sparkly just like you!

    As an extra treat this wash can also be used a bubble bath!


    Benefits of Grapefruit Oil for the hair:

    • Fights dandruff
    • Deep cleans oily hair
    • Gives hair a shine
    • Helps detangle hair

    Benefits of Grapefruit Oil for the skin:

    • Anti-microbial, helping fight acne.
    • Deep cleaning to help unblock pores.

    Essential oils overall can trigger positive reactions and helps de-stress, relax and enhance your mood.

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