Marinas Soap Sponge


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  • Our beautiful in-house Mermaid (what, you don't have one?) loves water, well she would do she is a Mermaid.  After relaxing what seems like the entire day by the pool she often wants to have a good clean, quite why we don't know she doesn't do anything - apart from look pretty!

    Marina designed all aspects of this herself, insisting everything had to be aqua coloured just like the sea and it must smell out of this world!  Well, our idle Mermaid has well and truly cracked it with this one - the smell is amazing.  What are you waiting for, smell as good as Marina!

    A beautiful sweet and juicy sweet orange essential oil lightly misted with fresh orange juice, raspberries and a slightly delicate floral hint. 

    Just wet the sponge in warm water and work in circular motions on your skin to leave it feeling smooth and deeply cleansed. Leave on a soap dish or similar after use to dry thoroughly before the next use.


    Handmade by The Artisan Mill.

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Type: Kids Soap Sponge