Monster Wilbur Burps! Foaming Bath Sprinkles


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  • Our resident The Artisan Mill monster Wilbur Burps, is the most unusual of monsters.  As you can see from his tummy he enjoys his food (especially Jammy Dodgers), but he also, well, erm burps rather a lot.

    After a full day of eating more biscuits than the population of a small town could, there is nothing more Wilbur enjoys than a long soak in a wonderful pale purple coloured bath.

    In Lavender essential oil, so what are you waiting for even if you don't want a bath help us raise money to get Wilbur more biscuits!

    These are perfect for children to hold and shake, bath time will never be the same again!

    50g   Handmade by The Artisan Mill

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