Relaxing Lavender Bath soak


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  • Transform your bath into a soft purple pool of serenity ♥️

    The ultimate relaxation product that’s great for your body and mind. Our himalayan bath soak infused with lavender essential oil can help to ease your stresses and give your skin some TLC. This beautiful smelling product will also turn your bath into a soft purple pool of serenity.  

    Himalayan salt is incredibly nutrient dense (84 different nutrients to be exact), so there’s no wonder it’s one of the reigning champs of the skin care world. It is commonly used to help to soothe and repair damaged skin and promotes cell renewal. Once the salts have dissolved into the warm water it starts working it’s magic. 

    With the added extra of Apricot kernel oil with properties that can help nourish and replenish moisture that is lost this is a true bath time treat.

    Lavender essential oil is said to help relax and destress the mind, which is perfect when you need a bit of ‘me time’. Along with this research shows it can have a similar effect on the skin reducing redness, dryness and inflammation. Lavender essential oil can be great for fighting against acne as it fights acne causing bacteria and creates a balance in your skin’s oils that often lead to acne breakouts.

    100g per tin

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