Sparkles Soap Sponge


  • Ever wonder how you could be as wonderful and sparkly and clean as our resident in-house fairy Sparkles?  Well of course no-one could ever be as sparkly as Sparkles (she told us to say that) but you can get pretty close!  We all know and love her other products, like her Jelly soap, her sprinkles, hand and face wash and of course her Bubble bath.

    Sparkles locked herself away in The Artisan Mill Development Lab to bring you her new sponge, loaded with rose geranium essential oil smelling soapy goodness, and she is so proud of her creation - so are we Sparkles!  Come help us help Sparkles in her mission to make the world as ✨ as she is ...

    A light, sparkly, fun fragrance

    Just wet the sponge in warm water and work in circular motions on your skin to leave it feeling smooth and deeply cleansed. Leave on a soap dish or similar after use to dry thoroughly before the next use.


    Handmade by The Artisan Mill.