Sparkles the Fairies' Foaming Bath Sprinkles


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  • Sparkles wanted to keep this to herself.  She said it's bad enough dealing with rude Elves when she goes to the shops, and smelly Gremlins, but them pestering her for her magic dust was annoying her!  Luckily Sparkles thinks The Artisan Mill are the bees knees and the only people who should know her secret dust recipe, and we have promised to keep it to ourselves!  She also loves the fact her picture is on the bottle, and she says "I am just like, the most beautiful thing ever!".  Support our Artisan Mill diva by buying some of her sprinkles.

    In a wonderful Raspberry Prosecco Scent, trust me you will be back for more.

    Don't, and I mean don't tell the Elves or Gremlins ...

    Slosh it around for a bubbly, magical bath 🛀

    These are perfect for children to hold and shake, bath time will never be the same again!

    Available in 50g  Handmade by The Artisan Mill

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